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Our Values

Our practise is guided by our values of:

When people feel empowered the limits they place on themselves to achieve fall away. It is not about teaching a particular concept, but rather teaching to achieve a particular skill. We want to support and coach others to feel confidence in the power of their own strengths and abilities.

We believe that all people deserve access to support and intervention appropriate to achieve their goals. We aim to provide a range of programs and intervention modes to help our clients. 

Only evidence based best practise programs are offered to ensure our clients feel confident they are receiving the best possible service to achieve their goals. 

Ongoing Learning     
Ongoing professional learning and development is key to providing the best possible service to our clients. 

The Social Skills Hub values our community. We wish to serve our community and support people to be confident in themselves. Helping our children and young people is why we come to work each day and why we love what we do. 


Meet The Team

Anne-Marie OHagan pic.png

Anne-Marie O'Hagan



Anne-Marie is an experienced primary teacher who has spent the last ten years working with neurodiverse children to help them with both their academic and social goals. Anne-Marie has a Bac Social Science and Bac Teaching (Primary). She believes children and young people learn best when they feel supported and feel a sense of connection with their surroundings.

Luisa photo.webp

Luisa Cetrola


Luisa is currently completing her Masters of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary) and has experience working in many schools supporting children and families from diverse backgrounds with their social, emotional and academic needs. Her passion for teaching children literacy and language is contagious and has inspired her to combine her expertise to further develop children in their social emotional wellbeing.

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